The Search -The Poem


” The Search” The Poem

A category of “Forever in Love” collection of poems arranged in accordance with the situation of how two-person fall in love.

I. ” My Beautiful Love, As Yet Unknown” My beautiful love as yet unknown, You are living and breathing Somewhere far away or perhaps quite close to me, but I still know nothing of the threads that form the fabric of your life or the pattern which makes your face distinctive”.
( Michael Quoist, France, twentieth century)

II. ” In Transit” He comes to me In dreams at night. His eyes look through me, As his hands caress my face. His words are as kind As his laughter is playful. I love the thief of my heart And know him not by daybreak.
( Joan Noeldechen)

III. ” The Blues” From across this quite cafe, Your eyes tell me, I should abandon this poem Should leave these words, Rise from this table And come to your side. Another might look the other way, Obey the Muse And keep the poem going. But it’s the blue of your eyes that I’m after, and the blue should never be played alone.
(Charles Ghigna)

IV. “You I hope to Find” Though I don’t know who you are yet I can still imagine the strength and warmth of your arms. While your face isn’t clear, Needing to find you are, I know you’re out there, I just don’t know where. While we haven’t found each other yet, know I think of you every day, I hope that you do the same.
(Leah Kathryn sell, Age fifteen )

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