Pretty Smile with my hairstyle


“Pretty Smile with my hairstyle”

“Hairstyle that makes me smile”. On that day, when I wake up very late in the morning, trying to check my inbox who messaged, and yes, a message from someone newly acquainted sayin’ good morning. As soon as I replied good morning, I got up and see my face in the mirror with that curly frizzy hair, and just give myself a sigh, trying to calm myself as I calmed my standing hairs with an antique comb😂. Trying not to scream at the top of my lungs for feeling being unlucky of having such curly hairs, I then washed my face, brushed my teeth, and without any hesitation, still trying to make some selfie before starting up my day.
I took my phone and took about 3 selfies, oh my, it doesn’t work at all, no Matt how I tried my best to make myself look cute in that selfie, it just getting worse and suddenly I remember Snapchat. So I tried snapping some photos of me while making some funny faces and yeah it’s amazing to have features of different hairstyles 😂😂I tried every single hairstyle and back to the first hairstyle until I found that hairstyle with a purple fringe. I stopped, I felt like I looked good on it, so I took some more selfies out of that purple fringe.
That selfies, when I scrolled up on my phone, got me into an idea of going to my sister’s house and ask her to cut my hair and put the fringe. As when she’s cutting my hair we can’t help laughing as my fringe are all standing like crazy and I was looking myself at the mirror and said, oh! My God! Help my sister do it good that at least I can go out of the house 😂😂
I found out to myself that life is too short with boring hair so it’s okay it will be fine, just keep holding on. Give a little bit more trust to my dear sister who’s been trying to clean up the cut on my fringe. Well, at last, it was done, we decided to go out after she dried my hair with a blower. All set and ready to go, I put a lip tint on and feeling new look with that fringe when suddenly the wind blew. I couldn’t help myself laughing as I have to call my sister frincess! My fringe is flying 😂😂 I tried to hold and put them on the place but he’ll no,… I just said thanks wind! You totally raped my hair!😂😂😂 Oh well, my hairstyle is called, I tried, but Nah, I loved it as it gives us big laughs and pretty smiles😂

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