Something About the Sun

” Something About the Sun”

Sun is the hottest, biggest, and most massive object in the solar system. Sun is a typical star, it dominates everything around it, accounting for 99.8 % of the solar system’s mass. Earth would fit inside the sun over a million times, even the biggest planet Jupiter is a thousandth of the sun’s volume. Sun’s halfway through its life, approximately 5 billion years will turn into a red giant swelling and surging out towards the planets. Mercury, Venus and earth will be vaporised. Eventually, the sun will shake itself apart and puff it’s outer layers into space, leaving behind ghostly cloud called a planetary nebula. Here are the sun’s data: Diameter- 1,393,684km(865,374miles Mass (earth= 1) – 333,000 Energy output – 335 million billion gigawatts Surface temperature – 5,500degree Celsius ( 10,000 degrees Fahrenheit) Core temperature- 15million degree Celsius ( 27million degrees Fahrenheit Distance from the earth- 150 million km (93 million miles Polar rotation period- 34 earth days Age – about 4.6 billion years Life expectancy – about 10 billion years. Elements in the sun are almost 75 per cent hydrogen and 25 percent helium- the two lightest elements in the universe. Analysis in the solar spectrum reveals trace amounts of heavier elements including oxygen, Carbon dioxide, nitrogen, silicon, magnesium, neon, and sulphur.

Source: The Planets( The definitive special guide to our solar system) Maggie Aderin- Pocock – a space scientist,co-presenter of the BBC’s ” The Sky At Night”

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