Baby Massage

“Baby Massage”

Gentle massage is a great way to bond with your baby. You can do this with your baby laid over your knees or when she’s lying flat on a soft, warm towel or mat in a warm, quiet location. You can start off with her fully dressed if she seems ill at ease. Gently stroke your baby over her back and up and down the length of her spine and limbs. When she’s about 2 months old, you can try a full-body routine with an appropriate oil. Don’t massage her, however, if she’s tired, hungry, or has just been fed.

“Back, arms, and legs”

Lie down on your left side, with your baby lying on her right side and facing you. Stroke your baby with your right hand, from the back of her neck to the base of her spine— in the same way, you would stroke a kitten or a puppy. Continue for about a minute.

Baby Massage

Using a circular movement, gently massage around your baby’s upper back and then down the length of her back to the base of her spine. Continue for about a minute.

Next, slowly stroke one of her arms; keep your touch gentle and relaxed as you take the stroke from her shoulder to her hand. Continue for about a minute. Repeat with her other arm. Move your hand to the top of one of your baby’s legs and stroke down from her hip to her foot with your palm. You can give her leg a very gentle little shake to loosen up and help her to relax. Continue for about a minute. Repeat with her other leg.

Source: Your Baby Care Bible by Harold S. Raucher, MD

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