Bathing New Born Baby

Bathing New Born Baby

Bathing New Born Baby

1. Bathing New Born Baby: Before you pick up your baby, make sure all your cleaning supplies, such as bath soap, and clean washcloths, are within an arm’s reach. Layout a clean towel on the floor. Support your baby’s bottom with one hand and her back and head with the other. Kneeling close to the bathtub, lower the baby into shallow warm water. Never leave your baby unattended in the bath, not even for a few seconds.

Bathing New Born Baby

2. Holding her securely under one arm, support her head and shoulders. Use your other hand to wash her neck, chest, and tummy, working out to her arms, hands, legs and feet. Be sure to wash skin folds such as the front of the neck, and under her arms and between digits.

3. Sit your baby up; support her chest with one hand. Be careful to keep your hand securely in front of her. Wash the back of her neck and upper back. Wash behind and around, but not in, her ears.

4. Tip her a bit farther forward to wash her Lower back. Wash and rinse her hair. Finish with a front to back wipe of her genitals.

5. Using the same supporting grip you used to lower her into the bath, transfer her to a clean, wet washcloth to wipe your baby’s eyes from the inner to outer corner. Pat her dry. Optionally, apply lotion.

Source: Your Babycare Bible Your Complete guide to the baby and toddler years by Harold S. Gaucher, MD

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