Unique and unusual baby names for boys

Unique and unusual baby names for boys

Browse our hand-picked list of unusual baby names to help you decide on a name for your baby boyIf you’re looking for a more unique or unusual baby name choice for a little boy, we have searched through the 1000s of names that Bounty mums have chosen this year to bring you some inspiration for a name with an edge that certainly won’t be common in the playground.Unusual names for boys beginning with the letter D are dominating our list, Drey which is of English origin and is a variation of the name Draper, meaning ‘fabric maker’, or ‘cloth merchant’. Dewey which is derived from the Welsh origin name, David and means spring. Danyon has risen in popularity in the US since 2007 but is still incredibly rare with only 98 boys in the whole of US named Danyon. Its origin is unknown.

Acer is of English origin and a variant of the Old English name Acey which means ‘number one, the best’. Hero is from Greek origin but also associated with being a girls’ name since TV personality, Myleene Klass named her second daughter, Hero.

Top 20 unusual baby boy names

Take a look below at our full list of most unusual boys’ names.

1. Drey – of English origin and is a variation of the name Draper, meaning ‘fabric maker’, or ‘cloth merchant’.
2. Dewey – Derived from the Welsh origin name, David and means spring.
3. Danyon – Unknown origin, yet grown in popularity in the US in recent years.
4. Jetaime – More common as a girl’s name but can be a boy’s name too it’s derived from the French phrase meaning ‘I love you’.
5. Walt – A straightforward, down-to-earth nickname of Walter, most famously used by the legendary Walt Disney.
6. Layland – The origin of Layland is in the Old English language.
7. Acer – English origin and a variant of the Old English name Acey which means ‘number one, the best’.
8. Titus – Greek origin and means ‘defender’.
9. Adonis – Greek baby name meaning ‘handsome’, ‘a lord’.
10. Pip – Greek baby name meaning ‘lover of horses’.
11. Lyndon – English baby name meaning ‘ Lime tree hill’, ‘Lives by the linden tree’.
12. Hero – Greek origin meaning ‘hero’.
13. Gray – Originating from the colour grey and also diminutive of Grayson.
14. Miran – Slovene origin meaning ‘peace’ or ‘world’.
15. Deontay – From the French Dion, which is from the Latin Dio.
16. Kaven – Comes from Irish origin meaning ‘handsome’.
17. Storey – Originates from the Old Norse ‘Stóri’, a derivative of ‘Storr’ which means ‘large’ or ‘big.
18. Zarel – is of Christian origin and meaning ‘stone’.
19. Tilo – originates from Germanic and Slavonic and is a variation of ‘Otto’.
20. Jethro – From the Hebrew name ‘Yitro’, derived from the Hebrew word ‘yeter’ meaning ‘abundance’.

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