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Kindly read the following instructions below before adding the photo.

(Instruction വായിച്ചതിനു ശേഷം ഫോട്ടോ ആഡ് ചെയ്യുക )  (Instruction മംഗ്ലിഷില്‍ വായിക്കാന്‍ ഫോമിന്റെ താഴോട്ട് പോകുക )


Do Or Don’t


1. You can add your babies photos one by one.

2. You can give a good caption in your post. If you give a good caption it will get good likes from the Facebook page.

3. You can add many photos in our site it definitely publishes on our Facebook page ( Cute Babies And Their Lovely Smiles Page).

4. You can add any babies photos other than your own baby in our site.

Don’t (It is Important)

1. Please don’t add more than 3 MB image, if you add it may occur error. Please try to add small size images. And also don’t try to add below 100 kb Image.

2. Please don’t add clarity less images we never publish clarity less images in our Facebook page.


* If the given caption is not matched with the added photo, it will be change.

* The added photo will be published within two or three days. But if you add the number of photos of one baby in more than 3 numbers, one will be published soon and the rest will take time to


* If the photos are based on any main functions or celebrations like birthdays, Onam, Xmas etc… kindly inform the page admin or editors via Whatsaap or page inbox

after the adding. Or give star icon with the name of the baby.

Add Your Babies Photos
photos size should be min 100KB size to 4 MB


Malayalam Arogya Tips



രോഗപ്രതിരോധ ശേഷിയെ ശക്തി ...


നവജാതശിശു ഒരു ദിവസം പതിനാ ...
തേൻ ഉ

തേൻ ഉ

തേൻ ഊർജ്‌ജദായകവും പോഷകസമൃ ...


കുട്ടികളിലെ കഫക്കെട്ട് ഇന ...

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Ways to Help Baby Learn to Walk

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Diaper Rash

Diaper Rash

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Malayalam Arogya Tips

Instruction In Manglish

Do or Don’t

1. Ningalude kunjungalude photos one by one ayittu sitetil add cheyyavunnathaanu.
2. Photoykku pattiya nalloru caption ningalkku thanne kodukkan kazhiyum. Nalla caption koduthal postinu nalla likes kittunathayirikkum.
3. Ningalkku etra babies photos venamenkil siteil add cheyyam oru limitum illa. Ellam photos nammude facebook page aaya cute babies and theirl lovely smiles pageil
4. Ningalku ethu babiesinte photos venamenkilum add cheyyam.


1. 100Kb sizeil kuravullathum 3Mb Sizeil kooduthal ullathumaya photos siteil add cheyyaan paadilla. Adhava 100 kbyil kuranja photosinu clarity kananamennilla. 3Mbyil
kooduthal add cheythal photo siteil varanamennilla.
2. Kaanan vyakthathayillatha photos add cheyyruthu. Aa photo njangal siteil publish cheyyunnathalla.

Notes :

* photoyil kodukkunna caption aa photoykku match aakunnillenkil caption mattunnathaanu
* siteil add cheyyunna photos pageil 2, 3 daysinakam publish aakunnathaanu.ore babyude photo 3 ennathil kooduthal add cheyyumenkil bakki photos publish cheyaan time edukkunnathaanu.
* add cheyyuna photos ethenkilum functionumayi banthapetta photo aanenkil ( birthday,onam,vishu posts) add cheytha shesham pageinte admine whatsapp vazhiyo or page vazhiyo ariyakkanam. allenkil add cheyyunna photoyude perinte koode star ennu koduthaal mathi aakum.

Insurance and Loans

Shopping for Car Insurance

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Spare yourself some time and cash by concentrate up on vehicle protection and ask your operator inquiries all through your driving turning points.

Sorts of Inclusion – Insurance

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PIP and Drug Pay: Two kinds of therapeutic inclusion are accessible in a few states, while others are just offered one.

PIP, individual damage assurance, is required in no-blame states. It gives more exhaustive assurance versus prescription pay. It will give inclusion to medicinal costs, lost wages, even additional items like yard care on the off chance that you can never again play out the undertaking alone.

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Thorough (Other than Crash): It is extraordinary compared to other vehicle protection alternatives accessible.

It frequently pays for itself. Any physical harm which can strike your vehicle other than an impact is secured here. A standout amongst the most widely recognized cases is windshield harm. Substitution of a windshield can get expensive and exhaustive inclusion will get your chips filled for nothing. Full substitution of the windshield frequently expects you to pay your deductible however a few organizations enable you to convey a zero deductible only for glass.

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Roadside Help: It is a liven, yet regularly moderate. It can pay for itself rather rapidly. A few approaches take into consideration inclusion just for a tow, while others cover lockout, bounce, and coming up short on gas.

Rental Vehicle: Approaching a rental vehicle after a case is imperative to numerous drivers who don’t have a reinforcement vehicle. Some protection bearers consequently accompany a little measure of inclusion if your vehicle was in a secured mischance. Else, you should add the inclusion to your arrangement.

Hole Protection: Owe more than what your vehicle is the value? Hole protection will cover the contrast between the estimation of your vehicle and what you owe in case of an aggregate misfortune guarantee. The odds of having an aggregate misfortune mischance are not exceptionally plausible. Which thus makes the inclusion reasonable.


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ഞാൻ ചുന്ദരി ആണോ...? 😂Baby Name : Ameya AkhilPublished from

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എനിച്ചും അമ്മയ്ക്കും ലൈക്‌ തരില്ലേ 😍😍😍

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