” My Brain on Beer VS Coffee”

Our brain’s cerebral cortex controls conscious thought, language and interaction. When Alcohol hits your cerebral cortex, you feel less focused, but it frees up your brain from all the distractions that normally occupied it. And when your blood alcohol reaches 0.07( about 2 drinks worth) you become more CREATIVE.

But when adenosine binds with its adenosine receptor,( the one who controls your energy level.) You feel DROWSY. And when Caffeine comes in, the receptor binds with caffeine instead of adenosine. Which means 15 minutes later, after drinking coffee, you will have more ENERGY.

The Good: Beer makes you less worried about the world around you, which frees up your brain to make deeper connections and come up with great ideas. While caffein’s effect kicks in after 15 minutes, giving you more energy and stronger ability to focus. The Bad: Drinking a couple of beers makes you less focused and decreases your memory. While drinking small amounts of coffee will result in tolerance and your body will need more to get the same stimulation.

The Best time to drink: Beer is good if you are searching for an initial idea. And coffee is good if you’ve already got an idea and you just need to focus on the busywork. Although drinking too much of either you lose the benefits of both. Everything in moderation, folks.


By golly, with beer, I’ve got ideas, and now with coffee, I must swim! The idea= the execution Beer is good for Kickstarting your brain into coming up with great ideas, and coffee is good for executing those ideas.

Source: coffee gives me superpowers (Ryoko Iwata)

Beer vs coffee

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